Complete Guide to Oil Fondue – 1 text file and 6 PDFs – Tasty Meal!

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Complete Guide to Oil Fondue – 1 text file and 6 PDFs – Tasty Meal!

This complete guide to oil fondue is a fully illustrated document that contains:

  • a delicious complete menu with seven perfectly paired recipes (appetizer, three fondue dips, side dishes, and dessert) and detailed instructions on how to make everything
  • recommended drink pairings
  • a detailed timeline that tells you when to start each recipe so everything is ready on time
  • decoration and entertainment ideas
  • an organized shopping list, with everything sorted by department so you can be in and out of the grocery store quickly
  • countless tips and techniques including a diagram showing you how to set your table for an oil fondue dinner, how to use your fondue burner, how to adjust the recipes for fewer or more guests, nutritional information, and lots more!

This complete guide to oil fondue includes free BONUSES for you!

  • a fondue pot cheat-sheet showing which fondue pots are suitable for oil fondue
  • PDF invitations that you can personalize and print for your guests
  • PDF name tags/fork holders to avoid stains on your tablecloth and remind guests of their fork color
  • a black & white shopping list to print and take to the grocery store
  • And in case you love to cook everything from scratch, I’ve also included an additional beef broth recipe that you can use instead of the ‘beef broth/stock cubes’ that are required in two of the main menu recipes.