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Which Fondue Product to Choose?

belgian chocolate melts for chocolate fondue or chocolate fountains

With so many different types of chocolate for fondue, it’s hard to pick what’s great from the wide variety of products available.

Here are my recommendations for a perfect chocolate fondue night, whether you are planning on using a chocolate fountain or a chocolate fondue pot: Several flavors of chocolate melts for use in fondue pots and fountains.

Chocolate Mix for Chocolate Fountains

A lot of chocolate lovers swear by this Liquid Fondue Chocolate. It comes in 3 pound packages and the typical fondue fountain needs about 3 to 5 lbs to work properly, so you may need to get two when you order them online. The great thing about this particular chocolate mix is that it’s already liquefied.

Simply add it to your chocolate fountain and your guests are ready to enjoy delicious, high-quality chocolate on their fruit dippers.

If you are looking to surprise your guests with easy to prepare and great tasting, you may be interested in the assortment of chocolate melts offered by Sephra, including Belgian chocolate in milk, dark, white wafers. They offer small and large quantities, based on your needs.

Simply melt the chocolate in your fountain fondue. No need to add oil. Once again, I recommend that you buy two packages as each package contains less than 1 kg (2 pounds). This rich and decadent Belgian white chocolate is sure to please the white chocolate lovers amongst the crowd.

Sephra is probably the best-known maker of chocolate melts for fountains but you can use the same melts for your chocolate fondue pot as well.

White Chocolate for Fondue Fountains

Dark Chocolate for Fondue Fountains

Milk Chocolate For Fondue Fountains

Each one of these chocolate mixes is ready to be used in your fountain. Simply melt the pellets. Nothing to add. Make sure to buy at least two packages as they come in 2-pound packages, which isn’t enough to fill most chocolate fountains.

Fondue Chocolate (Used in Fondue Pots)

For those of you who prefer using the more traditional chocolate fondue pot for your dessert fondue, Amazon has lots of options for you to choose from: Several flavors of chocolate melts for use in fondue pots

Simply warm and you’ll have perfect chocolate for fondue in a snap.

Could life be easier?

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