Fondue Fork – Identify Forks During Fondue

Which Fork is Yours?

fondue forks

Your fondue night is all planned out except for fondue fork etiquette? Don’t worry about that.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about fondue dipping etiquette.

Your fondue spears or forks probably came with your fondue sets but it’s important to know what forks go with each fondue pot.

This page will provide you with tips and ideas to ensure everyone sticks to their fondue forks throughout the evening.

Types of Forks

fondue forks

There are several types of forks that can be used for fondue.

The important characteristic of forks made for this purpose is that they can stand the heat and are long enough to prevent your guests from being burnt.

You and your guests should always remember that forks may get quite warm or hot at times.

Cheese fondue forks normally have 3 prongs while forks used for meat fondue (either oil-based or broth-based) have 2 prongs like the Trudeau Stainless Steel Fondue Forks.

Forks for chocolate fondue are shorter than regular forks to make it easier to dip in the smaller chocolate fondue pot.

There are also the disposable plastic forks for fondue or skewers and wooden fondue skewers. The most important thing to keep in mind is that plastic melts under high temperatures… Obviously… These skewers should only be used for dessert fondue.

So if you are planning on using plastic forks for your fondue, limit their use to “cooler” fondues such as chocolate or another dessert fondue that is kept warm by a tealight.

You may be better off with forks like this set of 12 stainless steel fondue forks by Trudeau.

If you’re out of forks and more guests suddenly show up, you can also use bamboo skewers.

Fondue Nets for Meatball Fondue

If you are having meatball fondue (in hot oil), there are special wire mesh spoons that should be used instead of fondue forks. Suppliers often become out of stock on Amazon, but you could use smaller versions of this stainless steel strainer (as long as it fits in your fondue pot).

If you live in a fairly large town, you should be able to find these kitchen utensils in most Asian grocery stores.

If you can’t find the right meshed spoons, you can carefully use a stainless steel slotted spoon that can resist high temperatures.

Fondue Fork Etiquette

The fondue forks must be used to dip your bread/meat/fruit into the fondue pot but should not be put in your mouth.

That would result in double-dipping.

This is especially true with meat and vegetable fondues.

Normal practice is to give your guests a regular fork as well.

The fondue forks are used to cook the food, then you remove the meat from it and let it cool on your plate for a few seconds. You then use the regular fork to dip your cooked meat into the fondue dip of your choice then eat. Normally, the fondue dips are served with a spoon and you use the spoon to pour a small amount into your plate, which prevents double-dipping as well.

Some say that if you lose your meat in the fondue pot, there are repercussions:

  • If you are a man, then you are buying (or refilling) the next round of drinks.
  • If you are a woman, you have to kiss the first man on your left.

To make everyone life’s easier, it is best to use fondue forks with colored tips.

In addition to that, you can also help your guests remember which color belongs to them by using coordinated colored napkins.

If you don’t have colored napkins readily available, you can still use plain white napkins and use colorful chopstick holders -or fork rests in this case

for your guests.

You can also make your own by folding up small pieces of thick-colored construction paper.

If you want to find out more about fondue sets and fondue pots, visit this page.

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