Vegetable Fondue with a Shabu Shabu Flavor

This vegetable fondue recipe is perfect for the strictest of vegetarians or vegans. It doesn’t contain any meat or other animal products but you can also add such items if you want to. It’s a shabu shabu fondue recipe with lots of vegetables and tofu alternatives. You can serve it

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Coq au Vin Fondue Recipe – Broth Fondue

This Coq au Vin fondue broth recipe was inspired by the French “coq au vin” meal (which translates as “rooster in wine”). Coq au vin normally involves marinating chicken in red wine, searing it, then simmering it with mushrooms, onions, thyme, bay leaves, salt, and pepper, etc. The following recipe

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Chicken Fondue

This broth-based chicken fondue recipe is delicious and easy to make. Just cook your bite-sized cubes of chicken in the tasty broth while enjoying a glass of wine and great conversation with friends. Chicken Fondue with Chicken Broth 225 g (1/2 lb) Chicken breast, skinless and boneless, per person 2

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Chicken Broth Fondue Recipe

Here is a chicken broth fondue recipe that you can make at home. What better way to control how much fat and salt gets in your fondue? I have also included a turkey broth recipe for you to try. Chicken Broth Fondue Recipe 3.5 L (14 cups) Water 1 kg

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Great Broth Fondue Recipes

Looking for a healthier alternative to hot oil fondue? You’ve found it! Broth fondue recipes are much lower in fat (and calories) and they’re delicious! Although not mandatory, you should match your broth to the type of meat or veggie that you will dip into it. We’ve listed our fondue

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Beef Fondue Recipe

This beef fondue recipe was my first experience with fondue. It’s delicious and easy to prepare. Making this broth is time-consuming, so you will probably want to prepare the broth and your fondue dips before your guests arrive. Fondue broth evaporates and gets absorbed into the meat, so you want

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