Semisweet Chocolate

Chocolate Fondue Recipes with Coffee – Easy Fondue Recipes

These two chocolate fondue recipes will appeal to all coffee lovers among your family and friends. If you really LOVE coffee, why not have some “coffee-flavored” dippers such as Coffee Crisp or coffee-flavored biscottis. You can try any of these dippers: banana slices, marshmallows, apple slices, strawberries, cherries, vanilla or

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Minty Chocolate Fondue Recipe

This chocolate fondue recipe is the perfect ending to a large or spicy meal. The peppermint liqueur will help you digest and you can choose to have as much or as little as you want without offending your host! This easy recipe for chocolate fondue only has three ingredients and

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Chocolate Easy Fondue Recipe

Like Chocolate? This chocolate easy fondue recipe is as easy as they come. Two ingredients plus any fruit you like to dip into this delicious semi-sweet chocolate. It’s a rich and refreshing dessert and you can make it as healthy as you want by changing the fruit to chocolate ratio…

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