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Chocolate Praline Fondue – Hazelnut – Frangelico

This chocolate praline fondue recipe was written and shared by Terri from Atlantic City, NJ When I was in culinary school, I studied under an exceptionally talented pastry chef, who had been educated in his native Holland. One day he demonstrated how to make fantastic chocolate and hazelnut truffle he

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Bittersweet Chocolate Fondue with Spiced Rum

This bittersweet chocolate fondue is perfect for all chocolate and spiced rum lovers. You can use it as a fondue sauce over ice cream or fruit, or enjoy it “fondue cooking style” by dipping bite-sized pieces of fruit or dessert into it. I recommend the following dippers: Coconut Macaroons Strawberries

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How to Make Chocolate Fondue – Learn How to Fondue

Learning how to make chocolate fondue can be easier than you think. Okay… If you want the easy way out, you could purchase Sephra Belgian Dark Semi-Sweet Fondue Chocolate or the Sephra Belgian Chocolate Variety Pack 20lbs to use in fondue pots or chocolate fondue fountains. If you want to

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Delicious S’mores Fondue

This delicious s’mores fondue recipe is a great way to take the camping fun indoors. Your kids will love it and it saves you a trip out in the wilderness… If you wish you could have S’mores every night, you may be interested in buying the S’mores Maker shown on

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Dessert Fondue Recipes

Adding one of these dessert fondue recipes to your menu can add the perfect final touch to your meal (or save an otherwise awful meal). Fortunately, with fondue, the recipe part is never too complicated and you can always improvise. Try one of the recipes below or check out one

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Chocolate Rum Fondue Recipe for 4 People

You can enjoy a delicious chocolate rum fondue dessert tonight. It’s easy to make and you can serve it with an assortment of fresh fruit, angel food cake, marshmallows, cookies, and pretty much anything else that you would like to eat covered in chocolate. Make sure to use the right

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Chocolate Fondue Set – Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Do you already have a chocolate fondue set or perhaps you are thinking about getting one for a special someone? Why not get your friend a chocolate fondue set? Fortunately, purchasing a chocolate fondue kit is very easy nowadays and you don’t even have to leave your house. Simply go

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Chocolate Fondue Sauce

Try this chocolate fondue sauce over a banana split or dip your banana slices into it. It will prove that chocolate fondue can be had many ways. You can dip into it or pour it over things. The choice is yours. This recipe will make enough for four people. Banana

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