Fruit Fondue Recipe Strawberry Fondue

This fruit fondue recipe is a nice alternative to your typical dessert fondue recipes. It contains a lot less sugar and fat than your typical chocolate fondue or caramel fondue. It makes for a perfect treat for a cool summer night when you have fresh strawberries at hand. The recipe

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Fruit Fondue Recipe – Blackberry Fondue

This fruit fondue recipe contains blackberries and is a variation on the strawberry fondue recipe. You can explore other possibilities by substituting blackberries by whatever you happen to have in your kitchen tonight. Blackberry and Fruit Fondue 500 ml (2 cups) Fresh or Frozen Blackberries 45 ml (3 tbsp) Sugar

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Festive Strawberries for Independence Day, Canada Day and More

Learning to make festive strawberries for Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, children’s parties, or any other occasion is easy. All you need is fresh strawberries (or other fruit), melted chocolate, and some sprinkles, candied eyes, mustaches, or other edible decorations. Before You Get Started One important difference is whether or not

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