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Oil Fried Scallops

Oil Fried Scallops This recipe for oil fried scallops was shared by Breau from Canada. It would be a great addition to your next hot oil fondue, especially if none of your guests are allergic to seafood. Always check if your guests have any allergies before planning your fondue menu.

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Oil Fondue Recipes: How to Make Fondue With Oil

Oil fondue recipes are fairly easy to prepare. The important thing to remember is that you will need to be extremely careful while enjoying these delicious meat fondue recipes. After all, a pot of boiling oil will be sitting on the table… Bad things could happen. Any hot oil fondue

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Meat Fondue Recipe – Pork Fondue

Pork can also be used in your meat fondue recipe. Here are two suggestions on how to have pork fondue: in hot (and healthy) broth or in hot oil. Don’t forget to prepare fondue dips. Pork Fondue Broth for Meat Fondue Recipe 15 ml (1 tbsp) Vegetable oil 1 Garlic

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Meat Fondue a la Mexican

Want to try something different for dinner? This meat fondue recipe will have you coming back for more. Who said that Mexican food and fondue dinners couldn’t be merged into a delicious meal? Go ahead, find your fondue pot at the back of your kitchen cupboards, and get cooking. Meat

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How to Make Lamb Fondue

I have good news for all the lamb lovers out there: lamb fondue exists and is delicious. So don’t limit yourself to cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, or chicken fondue. You can have lamb in broth or hot oil. Most of the flavor will come from the broth or one of

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