Oil Fondue Recipes: How to Make Fondue With Oil

Oil fondue recipes are fairly easy to prepare. The important thing to remember is that you will need to be extremely careful while enjoying these delicious meat fondue recipes. After all, a pot of boiling oil will be sitting on the table… Bad things could happen. Any hot oil fondue

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Choosing Fondue Oil

When having an oil-based fondue or fondue bourguignonne, you need to choose your fondue oil and many other things. So go ahead and decide which type of meat and/or veggies to have and check this chicken fondue recipe, beef fondue bourguignonne, or pork meatball fondue recipe. You can always prepare

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Bourguignonne Fondue – Beef Meatballs

There are many variations to bourguignonne fondue or hot oil fondue. Try these beef meatballs and surprise your guests! The best oil to use for this fondue is peanut oil. This recipe makes about 30 meatballs. Don’t forget to prepare some fondue dips ahead of time. Beef Meatballs 15 ml

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