Bacon Tomato Fondue – Cheese Fondue Recipe

This bacon tomato fondue recipe was shared by Deanna from Princeton, Illinois. If you have Velveeta in your fridge and a can of stewed tomatoes in your pantry, it’s a really easy and quick recipe to make. And because bacon makes almost every food better, there’s an entire package of

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Mushroom Fondue Recipe

Try this mushroom fondue recipe for a different twist on cheese fondue. This time, instead of dipping mushrooms into cheese, you will dip cheese into a delicious cream of mushroom. Go ahead and give it a try, it’s as tasty as it sounds. Creamy Mushroom Fondue Recipe 45 ml (3

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How to Make Cheese Fondue – Cheese Fondue Recipe

Do you want to impress your friends and family? Learn how to make cheese fondue from scratch. While there are many cheese fondue recipes out there, this one is pretty straightforward. It contains Gruyère cheese, cream cheese, and Parmesan. You could serve it with traditional bread dippers, but I recommend

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Lobster Fondue Recipe – Delicious Seafood Fondue

This lobster fondue recipe is easy to make and it is a great hit as a seafood fondue recipe. You can also replace the lobster with crab, scallops, and/or shrimp if you want to experiment with a few more flavors and textures. Your guests won’t be disappointed when you have

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Hot Crab Fondue: Cheese Fondue meets Seafood Fondue

This hot crab fondue recipe is like the perfect cheese fondue and seafood fondue combined into one delicious dish. If you like seafood, this crab fondue recipe will have you wanting more and more… Just remember that it is high in taste but also in calories… Hot Crab Fondue &

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Easy Fondue Recipe – Cheese Fondue Night

Having an easy fondue recipe in your back pocket could be handy in case of unexpected guests. This cheese fondue recipe is easy to make and doesn’t require fancy cheeses that may be hard to find. This cream cheese fondue dip can even be made a day early if you’re

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Cheese Fondue Idea – Baked Swiss Fondue

This original cheese fondue idea is perfect for those who love Swiss fondue but may be getting a little bored with the traditional way of serving it. What happens when you combine traditional French soup with Swiss cheese fondue? You get an oven-baked dish that includes layers of cheese and

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