Cheese and Ham Fondue Recipe

This cheese and ham fondue will surprise your guests. You will need to shop for these specialty ingredients ahead of time, but this cheese fondue recipe is well worth it! Learning how to make cheese fondue is pretty straightforward. Simply follow the instructions below: Cheese and Ham Fondue Recipe with

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Cheddar Fondue Recipe – Alcohol Free Cheese Fondue

Are you looking for an alcohol-free fondue recipe? This cheddar fondue recipe is perfect for kids or those looking for alcohol-free cheese fondue alternatives. Feel free to experiment with dippers. I recommend rye bread, French baguette, cooked shrimp, cooked ham, steamed broccoli and steamed cauliflower. This thick and rich recipe

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Blue Cheese Fondue- Milk-Based Fondue Recipe

This blue cheese fondue recipe brings in the distinctive flavor of French blue cheese to your kitchen. It’s not similar to many other traditional recipes for cheese fondue as it contains milk instead of wine. Are you ready to experiment and try this family cheese fondue recipe? Take out your

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