Bacon Tomato Fondue – Cheese Fondue Recipe

fondue pot for bacon tomato fondue

This bacon tomato fondue recipe was shared by Deanna from Princeton, Illinois.

If you have Velveeta in your fridge and a can of stewed tomatoes in your pantry, it’s a really easy and quick recipe to make.

And because bacon makes almost every food better, there’s an entire package of bacon in this amazing recipe.

Are you ready to shock your taste buds?

Delicious fun Bacon Tomato fondue:

This was a staple at birthday parties growing up. Must try it!

1 brickVelveeta, cubed
1 canstewed tomatoes
1 packagebacon, chopped into 1/2 inch pieces
1white onion, diced
French bread, cubed


  1. Fry bacon and onion in fondue pot on med-high until bacon is almost crispy
  2. Add tomatoes and cheese, melt
  3. Dip bread into fondue
  4. Enjoy this family fave!!!!
  5. Follow this recipe with chocolate fondue for dessert


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