Swiss Fondue with Alfredo Sauce

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This Swiss fondue with Alfredo sauce recipe is great for those who don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen.

You can use store-bought Alfredo sauce in the fondue dip.

It’s delicious!

I recommend you use bread cubes for dipping or even apple slices or pear slices.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

Swiss Fondue with Alfredo Sauce Recipe


250 ml(1 cup)Alfredo sauce
250 ml(1 cup)Dry white wine
500 ml(2 cups)Swiss cheese, grated


1- In a medium pot, warm up the Alfredo sauce over medium heat.

2- Add the wine and mix well.

3- Reduce heat and melt the cheese, one handful at a time.

4- Add spices to taste if needed then transfer to your fondue pot.

That’s it!

Quick and Easy…. and delicious Swiss fondue with Alfredo sauce.

You can even use this in combination with hot oil fondue to make a complete meal!


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