Crab Fondue Recipe – Cheddar Fondue with Beer

fondue pot for crab fondue recipe - cheddar fondue with beer

What’s not to love?

A crab fondue recipe that contains cheddar cheese, seafood, and beer!

This beer and cheese fondue combined with crab fondue will please every seafood and cheese lover in your circle of friends.

Give it a try and see.

Vary the type of beer for an interesting change in flavor. You can also add other spices such as cayenne pepper or caraway seeds if you want to be a bit bold and experiment with your spice rack!

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Seafood Cheese Fondue with Crab

15 ml(1 tbs)Lemon Juice
2 ml(1/2 tsp)Brown Sugar
250 ml(1 cup)Beer
0.5 kg(1.1 lb)Aged Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
15 ml(1 tbsp)Corn Starch
0.25 kg(0.5 lb)Crab Meat, Shredded
To TasteSalt and Pepper
To TasteHot Sauce
Pieces of French Bread or Italian Bread as Dippers

1. In a pot over low heat, mix the lemon juice, brown sugar, and beer.

2. Gradually add the cheese (a handful at a time) and mix thoroughly until it’s all melted.

3. Once all the cheese is melted, add the corn starch.

4. Transfer the mixture into your cheese fondue pot.

5. While you keep stirring the cheese fondue, warm the crab meat in the microwave and add it to the mixture with salt and pepper and hot sauce to taste.

6. Carefully light the fondue burner and adjust the heat to maintain the cheese fondue warm but not too hot.

7. Dip your pieces of bread into the delicious crab and cheese mixture.

8. Enjoy and repeat but no double-dipping!

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