Melting Pot Cheese Fondue Recipe

Melting Pot Cheese Fondue Recipe This is the cheese fondue that the Melting Pot uses. This is the easiest thing to make. If you want to get lots more recipes from this amazing chain restaurant that focuses on fondue, I recommend you get the official recipe book from Melting Pot.

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Fiesta Cheese Fondue Recipe

Having a theme party? Try this fiesta cheese fondue recipe. It goes well with beer, tequila, or margaritas. The old Swiss cheese fondue with a Mexican kick. Bring out the Mariachi, your party is waiting!   Mexican Fiesta Fondue Recipe 250 ml (1 cup) Mexican beer (Corona, Sol, or Dos

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Crab Fondue Recipe – Cheddar Fondue with Beer

What’s not to love? A crab fondue recipe that contains cheddar cheese, seafood, and beer! This beer and cheese fondue combined with crab fondue will please every seafood and cheese lover in your circle of friends. Give it a try and see. Vary the type of beer for an interesting

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Beer Fondue Recipe- Reuben Fondue

This beer fondue recipe will remind you of the last Reuben sandwich you had. This cheese fondue recipe contains most of the ingredients for the perfect Reuben and it also contains beer. What’s not to like? It’s time to go find that fondue pot!   Cheese Fondue with Beer 15

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Great Beer Cheese Fondue Recipes

These two beer cheese fondue recipes are pretty much at the opposite ends of the beer cheese fondue spectrum. The first one is very similar to the traditional Swiss cheese fondue, except that it contains beer, and the second one is an American version of the beer fondue that contains

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Beer Cheese Fondue Recipe – German Fondue

This beer cheese fondue recipe will surprise you with its German smoked cheese and German mustard. It is still similar to the traditional Swiss cheese fondue as it contains Emmental cheese but it also has beer instead of wine. Are you ready to experiment and try this German meet Swiss

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Beer Cheddar Fondue Welsh Rarebit

Traditions are great, especially this Welsh Rarebit recipe, which is a version of a beer cheddar fondue recipe. If you want to make this fondue alcohol-free, simply substitute 250 ml of milk (1 cup) for the beer and replace the cayenne pepper/dry mustard with nutmeg. Welsh Rarebit Fondue Recipe REVISED

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Beer and Cheese Fondue for Traditional Fondue Lovers

This beer and cheese fondue recipe is very similar to the traditional Swiss cheese fondue except that it contains beer instead of wine or other liqueurs. Are you ready to experiment and try this traditional Swiss cheese fondue recipe with a twist? Cheese Fondue with Beer 1 Clove of Garlic

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