Fondue for Going-Away Party

Are you looking for a plan to have fondue for a going-away party?

Here’s what Jess wrote to us to share his experience.

Jess’ Fondue for Going-Away Party for his Son

wired spoons to pick up meatballs

Our son is leaving for 8 months.

We had done fondues many times in the past. My mom started it back in the ’60s. She made them elegant affairs. I have kept up with the tradition. My son who is now 24 is leaving next week for army leader training and it is his favorite.

We had a little going away party (8 people) and had never tried the meatballs before. It was a hit, and so easy. We also added zucchini to our vegetables and that went very well.

We did 2 beef broth pots and 2 oil.

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