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Fondue Games – Activities for Fondue Evenings

fondue games - murder mystery evening with friends

Fondue evenings with friends are always wonderful, but have you ever tried to incorporate fondue games into your evening?

You’re probably familiar with the common “fondue punishments” that some people use when guests drop their dipper into the pot but have you ever tried a complete murder mystery game during a fondue evening?

I have and such games are a great way to keep your guests talking about your fondue party for weeks to come!

Keep reading and we’ll discuss various fondue games and punishments you can incorporate into your next fondue event.

Fondue Punishments

Of course, these punishments should always be handed out in good fun, but here are a few options to try next time someone loses his/her dipper into the pot during a fondue dinner:

  • the person must kiss the first man/woman/person to her left.
  • he/she must buy (or refill) the next round of drinks.
  • the person has to sing a song.
  • he/she has to answer a personal question (host or person on the right of the guilty party to pick the question).
  • during private romantic fondue parties for you and your partner, the guilty person loses an item of clothing.

Fondue Fork Thievery Game

fondue forks

This “fondue game” started out when I was a kid.

I used to eat way more meat than the other people at the table, so I sometimes got impatient while waiting for my items to cook in the fondue pot.

So, what did I do?

I “stole” my friends or sisters’ forks and ate their meat, then replaced it with a raw piece of meat and placed it in the pot again.

It was always fun for me to do it without being caught and seeing the expression on people’s faces when they pulled out their fork and wondered why their piece of meat still wasn’t cooked!

So here is a variation on this. It’s based on oil or broth fondue, but you can tweak the rules to make it work for cheese or dessert fondue:

  • People are encouraged to “steal” other people’s forks, BUT they must replace whatever dipper used to be on the fork and return it to the pot.
  • If they succeed in removing the other person’s cooked dipper and returning it to the pot without getting caught, they must announce it as their hand leaves the fondue fork (after placing it back in the pot). They can then pick a “fondue punishment” for the person whose fork got stolen (see section above).
  • If they get caught by the person who rightfully owns that fork, the rightful owner will determine the punishment.

Of course, for these fondue games, it’s helpful to use colored fondue forks, or else nobody will be able to keep track of fork ownership.

It’s also useful to keep people busy with great conversation, background music, etc., otherwise, people will simply stare at the pot to ensure they don’t miss out on anything! If that’s the case, add this additional rule:

  • Fondue fork thievery can only happen once per 30 minutes.

Murder Mystery Fondue Games

murder on the grill

If you’ve never played a Murder Mystery Dinner Game, you’re in for a treat! Games vary in number of guests, length of play, and recommended context, but most of them work great with a fondue meal.

For these games to be successful, I highly recommend that you plan it well in advance, so people can get familiar with their character and dress accordingly during the event. Each person gets some sort of booklet or information that contains what the character knows about the crime and during the game, they share this information based on how the conversation goes.

With fondue being such as social meal, murder mystery games make wonderful fondue games!

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