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beef fondue recipes in a copper fondue pot

Your next fondue party idea could be right on this page! Of course, it all depends on the fondue equipment you have. Learn more about the differences between pots and make sure that your pot will work for the fondue party you want to host.

  • Cheese Fondue Pot: If your pot is fairly big, uses an alcohol or gel burner, has a large opening and a flat bottom, it was designed for cheese fondue. Some of these pots are also suitable for oil or broth fondue. Here is an example of a cheese fondue pot.
  • Chocolate and Dessert Fondue Pot: If your pot is made of ceramic, tempered glass or cast iron and uses candlelight, then it is only good for chocolate, caramel, or another dessert fondue.
  • Oil and Broth Fondue Pot: These pots are normally made of copper, stainless steel, or cast iron and can withstand really high heat. They require an alcohol or gel fondue burner. This stainless steel fondue pot is a good example of a fondue pot that is suitable for both hot oil and broth fondue.
  • Multi-purpose Pots: Many electrical and all-purpose fondue pots exist, which are suitable for all fondue types. Read your user manual for more information. The Artesia 3 In 1 Electric Fondue Set is an excellent example of a multi-purpose electric fondue pot.

Broth Fondue Dinner

red fondue pot for chicken broth fondue recipe

This is my favorite type of fondue and it is also the healthiest.

Prepare a broth ahead of time on the stovetop in a regular pot. You can use a packet of Lipton’s onion soup if you want to keep it simple.

You will need to prepare a little more than what will fit in your pot as broth evaporates and gets absorbed into the various dippers, and you will likely need to top it up at some point during your meal.

You also need to prepare dips that are used to add flavor to the cooked pieces of meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables. To add a little variety, I recommend that you make 3 to 5 dips.

You can use thin slices of beef, chicken, pork, and/or lamb. You can also use raw shrimp. If you choose to use shrimp, I recommend that you remove the head, peel, and devein them ahead of time.

Unsure how to put all of this information together?

I’ve created a complete event guide that will show you everything you’re ever wanted to know about dips and broth fondue dinners. Learn more about my Greek-inspired Beef Broth Fondue Guide here.

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  • a cheat-sheet to determine if your fondue pot is suitable for broth fondue
  • a video showing you how to place broth fondue meat on your fondue fork without using your fingers
  • and much, much more.

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Hot Oil Fondue Party Ideas

This type of fondue is very similar to broth fondue, except that pure vegetable oil (or peanut oil) is used to cook food instead of broth. You will need to warm up the oil to a temperature of 350 to 375 before starting your fondue.

An easy way to check is to drop a small piece of bread into it. If it turns golden brown and floats within 30 seconds, the oil is hot enough.

Meat for oil fondue is normally prepared into bite-sized cubes and you can also fry vegetables, fish, and seafood. Obviously, you may choose to use a batter or fry the items as is. You should ensure your dippers are free from water to prevent oil splatters.

You should also prepare 3 to 5 dips for your guests so they can add flavor to their cooked items.

Don’t forget to plan for side dishes and add find a bottle of wine that pairs nicely with your fondue meal!

Unsure how to put your entire dinner menu together or which dips to use?

I’ve created a complete dinner guide that will show you everything you’re ever wanted to know about oil fondue dinners. Learn more about my French-Inspired Oil Fondue Guide here. It includes a complete fondue menu with appetizer, side-dishes, and dip recipes and drinks that complement each other perfectly along with a tried-and-tested timeline that lists every task you need to take care of to host a perfect fondue bourguignonne dinner for 4 people, and much, much more.

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Cheese Fondue Party

beer and cheese fondue pot for traditional fondue

Assuming your fondue set includes a cheese fondue pot, all you have to do is provide a variety of dippers (bread, cooked sausages, apple slices, cooked broccoli, etc.) and prepare a wine-based, beer-based, or alcohol-free cheese fondue.

You should keep stirring your fondue to prevent it from burning at the bottom. You can use your dippers and make a figure 8 with it instead of simply dunking it into the melted cheese.

You can easily have it on a side table with a bunch of appetizers but make sure to provide plates and napkins otherwise you’ll have lots of cheese stains everywhere!

Experiment and have fun!

Chocolate Fondue Party

chocolate rum fondue pot

There are many chocolate fondue recipes (and caramel or other dessert fondue recipes).

The concept is similar, except that you use bite-sized pieces of fresh fruit or prepared dessert (cake, doughnuts, cookies, marshmallows, biscotti, etc.)

Have fun and do fondue tonight!

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